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Welcome to the Techie Maven

I know as a business owner trying to do #allthings can be overwhelming and even makes you want to throw in the towel sometimes. 

I specialize in helping creative course creators and membership owners systematize their processes, automate their operations and set up and manage the tech for launches and day-to-day management of their online business.

My Services & How I Can Help You

Stop wasting time fumbling through platforms you know you need to use but you don’t want to learn (and even if you did want to, you don’t have the time!).

Let your new tech VA take care of all of the behind the scenes work so you can be totally free to work with your clients.

Create content that talks to your customer avatar. 

Ready to grow your tribe, increase your sales, and put your lead generation on autopilot? 

Facebook ads can help you grow your tribe, increase your sales, launch your course or digital product and so much more!

Let me create the copy, graphics, audiences, and strategy that converts!

Repurposing and optimizing your content gives you more time to focus on your zone of genius.  

Don’t be just better than your competitors, be greater.  I can help you build a results-driven website meant to put your business in front of your target audience.

Let me help you through the setup stage of your online learning experience with this done-for-you setup service, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating an existing course/membership site.

Whether you’re selling your course or membership in a live or evergreen launch model, it is important to make sure you’re in tiptop shape for a seamless and stress-free launch!

Hand off the mundane and time-consuming operations tasks of your e-learning business so that you can focus on the fun things that really matter… which is developing new transformative content and resources.

About your Tech Maven Dorothy

I’m Dorothy Sparrow-Stuart AKA The Techie Maven!

I’m a tech-savvy, experienced virtual assistant providing flexible WordPress, marketing, tech and admin support to online businesses and entrepreneurs who have too much on their plates and not enough time to deal with it all.

I can take on those important-but-time-consuming tasks that eat into your day, giving you back the time and energy you need to grow your business and do the work you love.

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