10 Ways to Automate Your Social Media Posts for More Buzz and Visibility

Understanding how to use social media automation is vital to getting the most out of your automation systems and tools. We’re going to explore how effective social media really is when you should and shouldn’t automate and how to do so – effectively. Like it or not, social media is a mainstream part of life now – for business as well as pleasure. If you are not a big fan of social media, there are some stats you might want to think about before you decide it’s not for you.

According to Google, there are, as of 2016 :

  • 1,000 million English speakers (375 million speak English as a first language)
  • 1.71 billion active monthly Facebook users
  • 540 million Google + users
  • 500 million Instagram users
  • 450 million Linkedin users
  • 313 million Twitter users
  • 72.5 million Pinterest users

And we haven’t even touched on all the other social networks out there, like Digg, Reddit, and Tumbler. And YouTube, its statisticians don’t count the number of users per month. They count stats like revenue earned, number of hours of videos watched per month (3.25 billion) – and they boast annual revenue of 4 billion dollars.

If you check out these YouTube statistics and more at Danny Doncheve’s Create and Shape Your Fortune blog, in amidst the staggering array of facts, you’ll also notice that it’s not the number of users that matters, however: It’s the breakdown that determines whether or not a particular social network is your perfect strategy. Other factors – such as whether or not you monetize your social network posts and how much time is spent per person – can have a huge impact on your effectiveness in that network.

So as you can see, social automation alone is not some magical catch-all solution. You need to use it wisely as part of your lead generation and reputation-building strategy – not as a substitute for it. You need to use it as part of a plan. Knowing where to focus your attention before you begin to use automation tools will make your results significantly more focused and effective! Understanding how to use social media automation is vital to getting the most out of your social media automation systems and tools.

Step One: Use a Browser News Aggregator to Automate Feed Delivery – Making powerful use of social media means READING social posts, as well as posting and checking results on your own blog or sites.

Step Two: Use BuzzStream to Research and Reach Influencers and Connect – We tend to think of output when we think of social automation software: However, we can speed up out input too by using app sites such as Buzz Steam to research and reach influencers.

Step Three: Use WordPress Plugins to Automate Social Media Actions and Content – Another way to automate involves using WordPress plugins to automate social media actions and content. You can automate so many aspects of your social media sharing as well as your website with the right plugin – including:

  • Creating customized “Share” and “Follow” buttons
  • Sharing specific pages
  • Displaying selected social streams
  • Displaying videos or portfolios

Step Four: Use widgets to Speed Up Social Sharing and Create Embedded Social Content – You can use widgets to embed currently streaming tweets, connect with sites like Add this, and more. Explore the WordPress Plugins directory to find widgets versions of plugins that you can embed in your pages or sidebars, such as Repuso’s excellent Social Reviews widget.

Step Five: Think Seasonally! – Strategy is a big part of successful social planning – and a powerful way to increase your audience. In addition to planning for product, program or book launches, when you plan for your campaigns for the upcoming year, think seasonally. No matter what type of coaching business you run, holidays are a great opportunity for not only creating extra seasonal content and lead generators but auto-promoting them.

Step Six: Outsource your Social Sharing – When people think of outsourcing social engagement, they often think in terms of getting rid of an annoying duty they really don’t have the time or inclination to indulge in: But you, as a coach, know enough not to think that way. Social media engagement is one of the most important ways to grow your reputation and reach.

Step Seven: Maximize Your Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner – PostPlanner describes itself quite succinctly. It states that it “is a Facebook page management tool that helps automate the sharing of content to your Facebook page. There is a content discovery engine which allows you to discover the most popular content in your industry and then you can add it to a queue for later delivery.” PostPlanner will handle everything in the queue, automatically posting at pre-configured optimum times. If you absolutely hate creating social media content, this is one tool you should probably check out.

Step Eight: Update Your Social Sharing Buttons! – You’ve probably used the same social sharing plugin for years. However, just as there are fashions in themes, there are also fashions in social sharing buttons. (Especially appreciated are social sharing buttons that float easily to fit in mobile displays!)

Step Nine: Use Mobile Social Apps – Speaking of Apps, remember that in addition to Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and Twitter, you can also use Android and IOS apps to access other social networks on your mobile, including Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest – as well as apps created specifically for mobile use, like Instagram and SnapChat.

Step Ten: Don’t Take Your Autoresponder for Granted! – Finally, don’t forget your autoresponder – your best automation/engagement tool yet! Keep on top of new features – such as GetResponse’s updated Landing Page templates (made even easier); MailChimp’s powerful Social Pro feature. That’s our ten ways to automate your social media and create more buzz, but do keep in mind that, for maximum effectiveness, you need to create a social media plan first – and make sure you select only apps, tools, and strategies that make your plan work more easily and powerfully. Automating your social media posts should be a supportive strategy – not your sole social strategy. When it comes to relationship building, nothing beats being there and having a real conversation!

We’ve got even MORE Social Media Posting Tips…

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