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Design In A Day

design & strategy intensive

My Ultimate Design & Strategy Intensive

Skip the waiting list & get results in record time.

Want your design done within a day? Skip the queue and let me tackle that design-to-do list for you.

Step to the front of the line for a one-day action-packed intensive that gets you high-converting design at warp speed.

No waitlist that puts your project start date a few months out. No endless back-and-forths that drag on until you retire. No vague mumbo jumbo like “variable timelines”.  Just instant gratification that gets you the results you’ve been waiting for.

Who’s this for?

👉  This is for you if you have an online business, especially if you’re an expert, coach, or thought leader in your industry. 

👉  If you’re doing really well and have big things happening in your business. 

👉  You know jaw-dropping design when you see it— and you love the results$$$ it generates.

👉  You’ve got a prioritized list of projects that are nearing the finish line. All you’re waiting on now is someone to swoop in with a paintbrush and bring everything to life.

👉  You’re looking for a design pro (that is me!) who can bring your copy, course or quiz to life on the internet with design that’s built to do its job – and that’s convert.

Wondering what I can get done in a day?

Here are some sample scenarios of what our day together could look like, depending on your goals…

❇️  Design a medium-length sales page for your upcoming launch. You have to have the copy ready to go and I’ll bring it to life on the platform of your choice.

❇️  Setting up your brand new quiz in Interact, designing the quiz opt-in and results pages, and creating some promo graphics to help you share the quiz with your audience.

❇️  Map out your upcoming launch so you know what’s happening and when, design your landing page and course-focused freebie, plus a handful of Facebook ads to help you promote your event.

❇️ Redesign and optimize the homepage of your website for more consistent leads, redesign your lead magnet, and outline a brand new welcome sequence to help segment your new subscribers.

Psst… want something that’s not on this list? Get in touch and I’ll let you know if you, me, and Design In A Day are a good fit.

Before we go any further, there’s something I need you to know…

When you lock in a day with me, you’re buying my time (and my undivided attention) and not a set of deliverables. 

I’ll work through things methodically, laying out the strategy first (e.g. the sales page structure or website framework) and then tackling the detailed design, either from the top-down OR by starting with the trickiest pieces first. 

This way, * if  * there are any pieces of unfinished design once our time together is up, you’ll have crystal-clear direction on how to finish it up.

It’s like a color-by-numbers… for business-owning-adults.

Now that we’ve got through that tiny patch of uncertainty, here’s something concrete…

My I’m-all-yours-all-day-guarantee

When you book design in a day, you get 100% of my focus.

I put my phone on silent mode, close down my tabs, stay well away from Giphy (unless I need it for your design 😉 ), and ignore the siren calls from my fridge.

For the 6 hours you’ve booked, my entire focus is getting your design done, and getting it done well, so you can unleash it into the wild ASAP.

Your Investment: $1200

Please Note: Special 4-Pay Offer available. If you are seeking this option be sure to click the Pay Later button. Click the button below for more details.

the process

How it all works



Choose your date with destiny.

Once your day is locked and loaded, the wheels start turning.

I’ll send you questions about your business

Your goals, and the design you’re dreaming of. (This helps me get to know you before we get on a call.)

Your dedicated Day starts with a 1-on-1 video call

We’ll meet, talk specifics, and set goals for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Then you let me loose on our projects

While you treat yourself to a glass of mimosa.

At the end of the day, I’ll send your Google Drive folder

I will email you with links to everything I worked on. I’ll also record a quick walkthrough, so you don’t have to read a long“wrap-up” email.