Start Generating New Leads and Grow Your Traffic

Instagram is the secret weapon businesses and service providers are using to maximize their reach, put themselves in front of their target audience and be booked out months in advance.

For your business to grow, you need a steady stream of clients and an active marketing plan that connects with your target audience and leads.

There are so many different options available for digital marketing, you might be overlooking the power of one particular marketing tool: Instagram.

A focused social media strategy will turn your Instagram account into the single most important generator of brand awareness and recognition for your business.

Instagram is the ideal way to create a community of followers who love every aspect of your business, soak up all the content you produce and tell their friends about what you do.

One-third of your target audience is using Instagram every single day and you aren’t targeting them as best as you could. Instagram is the missing piece to building brand awareness and creating a loyal following for your business.

Even though everybody’s Instagram experience is different, one thing remains the same. This platform has the ability to transform your entire business for the better, and create a culture that reels your target market in by their double-tapping fingers.

Are you ready to take some serious action towards building your business’ online visibility, brand awareness and community?

Check out our Instagram Impact Signature Packages


$ 397 Monthly
  • Up to 2 images per week
  • Grow Followers


$ 597 Monthly
  • Up to 3 - 5 images per week
  • Grow Followers
  • Engagement for more post visibility


$ 797 Monthly
  • Up to 5 images per week
  • Grow Followers
  • Engagement for most post visibility

Ultra Growth

$ 1597 Monthly
  • Up to 10 images per week
  • Grow Followers
  • Find influencers to promote account

Do you need a more affordable plan? Our Instagram Mini is for you.

The Instagram Mini package includes:

  •  Professional copywriting for your bio (optional).
  •  LinkTree setup, for the optimization of your Instagram links.
  •  Research and use of the most relevant hashtags in your niche.
  •  Posting once per day.
  • Copywriting of each post, as well as tagging any relevant users.
  • Monthly analytics reports as well as expert suggestions on how to grow your Instagram account even more.

We handle all of this for you, at the super affordable price of just $197 per month. 

(That isn’t an introductory price, that’s the real deal!)

There Are 250 Million Active People on Instagram Every Day.

How many of those people are your target audience?

Make the right choice for your business, by outsourcing your Instagram management to a team of professional social media managers who know how to get results and drive engagement.

Here at The Techie Maven, we offer you the best Instagram management services at the best price you can find. Why’s that? It’s because we cater to business coaches and consultants like you. 


Management of your Instagram account and all necessary set up tasks will begin immediately, but the actual posting on your feed will begin 2 weeks later. So, for example, if you purchase this package on July 1st, we would start posting to your account on July 15th.

We use those first two weeks to set up the backend for you. This will involves creating and/or designing the graphics and images we’ll be using, adding you to our schedulers, writing the copy, as well as collecting and curating the content we’ll be publishing. Basically, we’re getting everything ready to ensure that you get the best results and have a cohesive feed once we do start posting.

Nope! We will be using our agency-level Later account to schedule your Instagram posts.

Yes! You don’t have to, but if you’d like to approve your content, we will send you the whole month’s content in advance, for you to review before it goes live. This will get sent to you in a spreadsheet, and you will be able to see the day it will post, the copy we’ll use, the image or graphic, and the hashtags we’ve chosen. You will be able to make any edits you’d like or request changes.

During the first month of your plan we will be testing all different times of the day to see how your audience responds. Then, when we are preparing your content for the next month, we’ll review your analytics first and then use that data to schedule your posts at specific times when your audience is most active.

During the two weeks before we start posting on your account, we do detailed hashtag research based on information you’ll provide in your client intake form.

Your plan renews one month from the day you purchased the package. So, for example, if you purchased your package on January 1st, it would renew on February 1st.

Yes! If you already have graphics or photos for us to use, we will use those. But if the feed style that we choose or build for you requires additional graphics (i.e. blog post promo graphics, quote graphics, etc.), those will all be created for you.

With Instagram, we focus on engagement rate, average likes per post, average comments per post, number of followers, and website traffic.

If you choose to cancel your package, daily management of your Instagram will stop 1 month from the date you purchased. But since we schedule out your content in advance, your posts will continue to go live until they run out. So, for example, if you purchased the package on July 1st and canceled on July 21st, your management would end on July 31st and your scheduled posts would run out on August 15th.