30-Days to More Clients, Cash, and Freedom


Simple tweaks for more clients, cash, and freedom!

A little tweak here and there could have a huge impact on your bottom line.

This package includes:

Getting Started

  • Marketing Strategy Overview
  • Timeline & Budget

Finding the Gold You Already Have 

  • Step 1: Tiny Tweaks Have a Big Impact
  • Step 2: Double Your ROI, Not Your Expenses

Plan & Schedule Your Way to Success

  • Step 3: Develop a Fool-Proof Appointment Setting Process
  • Step 4: Put Your Project Plans on Autopilot
  • Step 5: Design a Profit-Pulling Promotions Plan

Hands-Free Marketing Systems for Constant Cash Flow

  • Step 6: Create Your Easy Email Workflow
  • Step 7: Get Creative with Content
  • Step 8: Avoiding the Social Media Time Suck

Set-and-Forget: Automations to Give You Back Your Freedom

  • Step 9: Fill Your Funnels with Compelling Offers
  • Step 10: Automatic Onboarding & Product Delivery Create a Better Client Experience
  • Step 11: How to Know What Exactly Works (So You Can Do More of it)
  • Step 12: Protect Your Assets with Automated Backups

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