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We start with a 90-minute intensive session where I audit your current business model. I will develop a customized business plan to strategically design your marketing funnel to attract your leads and clients. I will make recommendations on which funnel to use based on your business goals, and then create a customized project plan to implement those systems.

I will help you design your ideal Product Suite so that you can build out a complete suite of offers to serve your clients. You will have a definitive plan on how to leverage the different offers for maximum profitability, and how to increase the lifetime customer value of your clients.

Within the completed business plan, I will share the DFY services that I offer, and you will have a detailed plan if you decide to implement the steps yourself.


You’ve purchased your new system, but time to set up and it’s all crickets. “There’s never a good time”, “I can’t read the system’s documentation”,  “Everything looks strange to me” – sound familiar?

You know setting up this system the right way is setting you up for success, you know letting an expert do it will be most beneficial to you and your clients, you know keeping your systems in order is keeping your house in order.  

You know all of this and that’s why you’re seeking help. 



A Tame the Tech Power Hour is an hour we spend together, online, via Zoom where we share our screen to focus on a specific problem/hurdle you are having with automation or tech. Don’t worry everything we discuss will be recorded and you receive a copy afterward to refer to time and again.

It’s your hour, we can use it however you choose – systems, automation, ClickUp, launching, or perhaps you need help getting something working.

You can use this hour to literally pick my brains. At the end of your Tame the Tech Power Hour, you will have learned a new skill or solved a problem, both of which will save you time and money so you can concentrate on what you’re brilliant at.

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Come and join us and we assure you success and a family to rely on for your every business work with gracious work..

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